Tip: Finding a Good Villain Name

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
By WSVNadmin

John Doe #37 don't cut it.

In all my dealings with RLSVs, I’ve discovered one particular issue that can sometimes lead to confusion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for creating confusion because confusion breeds chaos. All the same, the super villain to name ratio is a bit out of whack.

Too many super villains are running around out there with no name. That was all fine and dandy until more RLSVs started joining co-ops and other underground online communities like this one. At first, we started referring to unknowns/unnamed as Unnamed Villain – Locale. That worked well for a while. We had to drop city names in favor of zip codes. Now there are a few zip code conflicts.

Do the Villain community a favor and find a name. Hell, if you prefer incorporate your locale’s name, zip, or area code… Become the Fiend of 402 or the Blackstone Brute. If you have bigger plans and don’t want your name to imply that you are bound to a zip code, consider using a name generator.

Seventh Sanctum’s Villain Name Generator is the best one out there…

It allows you to generate up to 20 names at a time and you can pick categories to help guide the randoms so they are more fitting. Seventh Sanctum also has some other great name generators if the villain one isn’t working out. Evil Namer and a few others. I can’t wait to hear from the likes of AngerTwist or Rottena or The Red Maggot or GalTaint.

A good generator that unfortunately only generates one name at a time is Stone Dragon Press’s Villain name generator.

Here are a few less useful villain name generators:
Lee’s Villain name generator
Rum and Monkey namegen 3132

I know it may seem extra evil to be the “The Unnamed One” but when there are hundreds of “The Unnamed One” it gets old. Also, the public/media needs your name to be the word they use to describe their fear. You really don’t want to leave it up to the idiots on the evening news to assign you a name, do you?


5 Responses to “Tip: Finding a Good Villain Name”

  1. RedEye

    Excellent, Admin! I’ve been thinking lately about changing my name to reflect my recent foray into the supernatural. Perhaps one of these name generators can help me select an appropriately evil moniker.

  2. anoymous

    I’m gay & this didnt help at all.

    @anonymous (from WSVNadmin)
    These methods for selecting a villain name should be effective no matter your sexual preference.

  3. Sarah

    Or you can do like Ted Bundy did, and constantly switch appearances and names so you go undetected.:D

    @Sarah (from WSVNadmin)
    But Bundy ultimately did not go undetected…

  4. maddy

    I have a problem with my old super villain name because stupid anchors on the evening news keep pronouncing the my name as “The Hiver” instead of “The H.I.V.er”… Thank you for providing this information as it should help immensely.

    @maddy (from WSVNadmin)
    Interesting. Glad we could help.

  5. white lion

    after reading this i decided on this name. i hope you like it please reply.

    @white lion (from WSVNadmin)
    I’m not really a fan of White Lion. Unless you dress like an 80s hair band and your evil plot is cock block anyone who drives a Camero with T-Tops, I’d try to find something else.


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