Master Legend In His Own Words

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
By WSVNadmin

"I beat him to a bloody pulp."

I was cruising YouTube again trying to keep tabs on the RLSHs and I stumbled on a video about one Master Legend that makes me think that he is more of a super villain and not so much a super hero.

Master Legend, for those of you who don’t know, is a bit of a poster child for the RLSH movement. Rolling Stone magazine had a large write up about him and a few of his sidekicks last December.

!Warning Video Missing! The Master Legend video was so disturbing that it was removed from YouTube.

As per this video, he isn’t a big fan of the evil homeless and crippled kids. Lots of people aren’t though. A number of people feel uncomfortable around those who suffer due to health issues or financial problems. What makes Master Legend different from regular folks is that he takes it to a whole new level. Oh, and he wears a costume.

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  1. Too bad the video was taken down, I would have liked to see this.


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