Real Life Do-Gooder Creates Panic Trying To Save Planet

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
By WSVNadmin

These real-life super heroes are out of control. For example, let’s take a quick look at The Green Shadow (aka James Lee)…

He’s a self proclaimed super hero out to save our supposedly dying planet (and, of course, the Squirrels). Because he doesn’t have the resources to save the planet or the Squirrels on his own (even though he was arrested in 2008 for throwing money in the street), he made the unfortunate decision to draft the Discovery Channel to his aid by use of force.

As I write this, it is reported that he was shot dead after taking hostages at the Discover Channel headquarters (yes, we link to Fox because any villain worthy of the title reads Fox News) demanding they help him save the planet by making changes to their programming. The hostages are all safe.

Even though his website now appears to be down, Google cached a version of The Green Shadow’s online manifesto online manifesto at earlier today.

RLSVs (and specifically the World Super Villain Network) do not condone these type of RLSH gone vigilante activities. Again, we do not believe in holding people hostage to save the planet or, of course, the Squirrels.

We hope to have an interview with at least one of The Green Shadow’s two most hated enemies, either The Landfiller or Squirrel Slayer, posted soon so be sure to check back for updates.

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