With Heroes Like This…

Monday, June 1, 2009
By WSVNadmin

Who Needs Villains?

Who needs Villains? With the rash of comic book related movies that have come out over the past five years, real life superheroes have been coming out of the woodwork. There is a hero of every people. They are more niche market than my Grandma’s Ebay store.

In some cases, it makes you wonder if one could really be considered a hero considering what they stand for? Sure there is a group of people out there that fit certain categories that may need help, but is that a niche you wish to serve? Let me explain…

While studying our adversaries, I found a video made by one hero (Tothian) that contained a rallying speech made by another hero (Entomo). Apparently Entomo is also known as The Incest-Man. I suppose there must be a champion of everything, but even most super villains would shy away from that taboo. They at least wouldn’t make it their calling card.

Below is the video in question. Watch for second six.

Below is an unedited screen cap of the video.

Screen capture of RLSH Entomo 'The Incest-Man!' as per Tothian's youtube tribute video

Apparently this Incest-Man is considered a highly regarded member of the RLSH community. His base of operations is in Italy. We will provide more details on Entomo as time passes.

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  1. Fornicatio

    Eh…I believe you meant insect man there, Chief.

    @Fornicatio (from WSVNadmin)
    Curse you Steve Jobs and your shitty iPhone spell check. Just kidding. It’s spelled correctly. Many people make the “insect man” mistake though.


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