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Master Legend In His Own Words

By WSVNadmin

I was cruising YouTube again trying to keep tabs on the RLSHs and I stumbled on a video about one Master Legend that makes me think that he is more of a super villain and not so much a super hero. Master Legend, for those of you who don’t know, is a bit of... »

With Heroes Like This…

By WSVNadmin

Who needs Villains? With the rash of comic book related movies that have come out over the past five years, real life superheroes have been coming out of the woodwork. There is a hero of every people. They are more niche market than my Grandma’s Ebay store. In some cases, it makes you wonder... »

Watching Out For Dogooders

By WSVNadmin

In the past, we super villains didn’t concern ourselves with the RLSH rabble. Once you have had one or two evil plans thwarted by costumed citizenry, that changes. It quickly became apparent that we must be as vigilant as the vigilantes. One of our goals here is to help our fellow RLSVs keep tabs... »